Printing press - repair and installation

Your equipment is very valuable… Here are some items to consider before your next purchase or repair.

  • APPRAISALS - If you're considering buying, selling or financing a used press, we can give you a thorough evaluation of its working condition to use as a guide to help you determine its value.
  • REPAIR ESTIMATES - If your press or a press you're thinking of purchasing is in need of repair, we can tell you the cost of putting it back into shape.
  • MAINTENANCE EVALUATIONS - A complete inspection of your press can evaluate the effectiveness of your in-house maintenance procedures, pinpoint potential problem areas and help you make any necessary corrections or adjustments.
  • LIFE SPAN ESTIMATES - If your press is advancing in age, we can help you make the decision of replacement vs. repair by providing you with an estimate of it's life expectancy.
  • VISUAL INSPECTIONS - By examining your press under actual working conditions, we can help you identify recurring problems and make adjustments to ensure optimum printing results.

Electronic board repair

Eagle Press Repairs and Services have been repairing Electronic Boards for over 8 years. Customers rely on the availability of some of the more popular Heidelberg Electronic Boards that Eagle will loan out while their Board is being repaired. Time permitting, Eagle can also advise on turn-around time involved on Boards that are not in stock. Sometimes a weekend is all it takes to get clients back up and running.  Common problems are also evaluated with your particular Board and  Eagle keeps in stock the exact components that may or may not be special order, further reducing the downtime associated with Electronic Board replacement/repair. Predictable failure is also an issue Eagle can help with. Instead of waiting for a Power Supply Board to fail when you need it the most, schedule your downtime. This way YOU have set aside a time to get a board evaluated and possibly repaired BEFORE it has failed to a point where you are down. Eagle upgrades its components for a higher degree of reliability. This is important especially when dealing with a Board that you do not have a direct replacement to swap in when a problem arises.

Eagle covers just about any Manufacturer for board repair. Your board can be analyzed FREE of charge and we also provide a written quote. Below is a list of some common Heidelberg Boards that we have to loan out while your board is repaired:
Control Box Boards: NTK, EAK, ESK, SRK, SAK

Rigging, Machinery, Movers:

The rigging, machinery, and moving experts at Eagle Press Repairs have years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment to fulfill even the most challenging moving situation.  For us, it is always a treat to watch how we take a customer's challenge and make it a joy to watch your investments being handled with care and finesse that owners trust to exclusively choose Eagle Press Repairs over and over again. Businesses have taken many videos and pictures to advertise the installation and procedures used to install equipment by Eagle Press Repairs.  Check out some of our videos HERE to see the magic in action.  

Rebuilding & Retrofit:

Eagle Press can take most print equipment you might have and either rebuild it or retro fit it to your specifications. If we are unable to find a solution to any problem, we can solicit a professional from our network.

Depending upon your specific equipment and its condition, we can retrofit presses to increase speed, production and output. Think of the positive impact on your entire operation if you could get a significant boost in output:  time, labor, savings, speed, production, delivery.

Personal Plans:

Extensive and intensive is the best way to describes our inspection service of a your press. This is a comprehensive, multi-point inspection that goes from the drive motor to the delivery rails and all points in between. Our experienced personnel go over a machine from top to bottom, inside and out, with the intent and result of finding every single thing that is wrong with a machine - normal wear and tear and then beyond. We find these and then report exactly what it would take to bring the machine back to peak operating efficiency.

Maintenance on your press is serious business, as is making sure that you maximize your RETURN ON INVESTMENT. The investment is sizable. Often, a press "goes down" due to an accumulation of neglect in the key areas that regular maintenance would most likely prevent. And presses have a way of "going down" right in the middle of a key job run, just when you can least tolerate having a press out of service. Instead of having regular maintenance service to keep it running in tip-top shape, it becomes "Emergency Service", and emergency service can be more costly than if the press was properly maintained in the first place. Additionally, a poorly-maintained press wears and degrades overall at a much faster pace, so the real value of the machine and the investment spirals down. An inspection service for a potential buyer could illuminate those problems caused by poor maintenance easily. The sale price sinks much lower than it should be or could be given proper maintenance during the life of the press.

Regular, scheduled maintenance is a good business decision, whether this is supplied by in-house maintenance personnel or outside professionals like Eagle Press Repairs. Whatever the choice, regular maintenance is a good investment in protecting your investment and retaining value.

Press inspections:

We can inspect your press at any time, but so can you and your staff. Here are some  tips for keeping your equipment in good shape:

  • Cleaning grippers and pads
  • Clean and check the bearers
  • Proper lubrication at recommended intervals
  • Changing oil and filters
  • Checking and setting cylinder parallels
  • Keeping a log of issues to go over with your tech upon arrival
  • Save sample sheets of print problems

Tech support:

We’re here when you need us, bottom line. If it’s an emergency just call us. If you have a question we’re here too! (419) 539-7206.


What is the single, MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR for proper press operation?  The FOUNDATION. More than important, it is critical. A multitude of problems result from a foundation that is not carefully built to factory and enhanced performance specifications. High-quality printing and reliable press operation without undue problems begin with constructing the foundation carefully and inside the proper working and environmental conditions. For your protection and peace of mind, Eagle Press is fully insured and carries both Workers' Compensation and liability coverage. We are fully capable of advising you of all technical requirements needed for a new or used piece of equipment.

Plant or Equipment Moves:

We conduct tests before and during the move to make sure about proper and efficient placement for your company needs. Professional equipment rigging and moving is our specialty. Whether you need to move a single machine, or relocate an entire plant, we have the personnel , the best equipment and the experience to do the job right!

Expert assistance for plant closing:

Unfortunately we have seen our share of plant closings. We have assisted many operations in moving assets to auction or other print shops.

Equipment removal and delivery to new building and placement:

Getting rid of old equipment you want to environmentally responsible and timely. We do both. Your old equipment can be handled in a variety of ways including recycling options and more. We also specialize in careful and timely delivery of old or new equipment to a new facility.

Operator Training:

 We can train your staff to properly handle your new or used press. Many firms hire us to train on-site or sometimes over the phone for minor repairs.

Productive plan improvements:

What if it could go faster, more efficiently and with less waste? Let us provide an evaluation of your current production plan and see if we can help! We have saved thousands of dollars in productivity costs for many of our customers, let’s see what we can do for you.


Eagle Press Can help repair Folding machines, Saddle Stitch, Guillotines and Perfect Binders